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At HMC we are always looking to expand our area of crops. Vining peas are a very valuable break crop in a sustainable crop rotation. 


Vining peas are a relatively low input crop that fix their own nitrogen and leave a significant supply available to the following crop (SNS). 


Vining peas allow a good entry for a following crop as they are harvested relatively early in the season (mid-June - mid-August). Vegetable and bulb growers have the chance to follow straight behind - allowing double cropping. They also allow a good entry for winter wheat or potatoes in the following spring, allowing time for any subsoiling and primary cultivations to be carried out in optimum conditions. 


 HMC supply the seed and can offer a contracting drilling service. We supply general agronomy advice and can offer a full agronomy service throughout the growing season. 


 HMC harvest and market the crop on behalf of its members and offer competitive financial returns. 


We require highly skilled and quality growers who farm on ideally silt soils within 40 minutes from Kings Lynn.  

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