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Quality & Environment

All HMC growers are members of the Assured Produce scheme and are audited annually.


This is an industry recognised standard that takes into account all aspects of producing the crop, from planning, seed sourcing, pesticide storage and application through to harvesting and storage.


The standard also addresses environmental issues including soil, water and air protection including waste management.


We provide general agronomic advice based on sound Integrated Crop Management principles. We can also provide a full agronomy service throughout the season. Our General manager/agronomist holds all the relevant qualifications including BASIS, FACTS and BETA.


Great care is taken in harvesting and delivering peas. A rigorous timing schedule ensures the quality of our peas is kept and this ensures we only harvest the best quality crops.

We carry out constant checks of machine settings to ensure clean undamaged peas are sent into the factory.


Regular and rigorous hygiene procedures are adhered to which ensures the highest quality of peas.


HMC peas are grown only on deep silt soil that does not contain stone, which is a potential contaminant to the final product.


HMC continues to invest in modern harvesting machinery which gives us benefits in terms of quality of product and also produces a less detrimental effect on the environment.


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