Tracks - All of our 4 harvesters have state of the art rubber tracks which means less compaction for the soils we travel on and a better environment for the soil life. 







Next time you eat your delicious peas, think about the technology that was used to ensure the best quality.


We harvest our peas at the optimum stage in the season to get the best quality and yield as well as reducing our impact on the environment.


We invest in technology at HMC because we believe the benefits to the environment, as well as quality of product, far outweigh the costs of the technology itself.









RTK - This highly accurate satellite guidance system means we can have our viners within 1cm accuracy of each other and steering themselves. This means we reduce our fuel usage as well as keep our operators concentrating on making sure the viners are running at their best performance 24/7.








Crop scanning - HMC is the only pea group using scanning technology to actively measure the health and quality of our peas. We can then target where we harvest to ensure only the best peas are harvested. We currently use onboard tractor sensors but also use drones.







Harvest date prediction - This industry-leading technology developed by HMC and partners allows us to monitor live weather and 15-year weather trends. We then use this data along with other parameters to predict the harvest date of ours peas to within a day. This means a great reduction in pea loss and more efficient factory processing. 






Yield monitors - HMC is one of the first in the UK to adopt yield monitors in all of our fleet. It allows us to monitor what each harvester is harvesting and where good and poor areas of the field are. This allows us to learn about future crops and increase yields and quality.





What's next? 


Watch this space! We are always on the lookout for new technology!