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About HMC

HMC was founded in the 1960's and was set up originally as a potato and pea growing cooperative for the Holbeach Marsh area.  


In the 1990's the decision was made to separate the two crops and focus on them separately. The potato crop became QV Foods which is an industry recognised business for quality potaoes and HMC remained the same name as it had been before and focussed on quality 150-minute vining peas.  


We supply Greenyard Frozen who are a major European and UK frozen vegetable producer who in turn supply most of the UK's major food wholesale and retail outlets. 


We also supply a pea canning factory who lock our great peas in cans for extra shelf life and different meals.  

Here at HMC we pride ourselves on being a true farmer co-operative. 


A co-operative is a group of farmers who pool their recourses and share the cost of labour and equipment for a common goal. This goal is to produce high-quality food at sustainable costs.  


HMC only allows quality and driven farmers into the group which ensures only the best peas are grown. 


Attention to detail is the aim of the game and to make delicious peas we make sure every input is necessary and only adds to the quality and yield of the peas we grow.  


HMC run a fleet of 4 state of the art pea viners operated by a highly skilled and dedicated team during our busy pea harvest season! 


We also employ industry leading viner engineers to maintain our fleet and keep us going! You don't get 150 minutes from field to frozen by breaking down. 


All of our growers hold the Red Tractor certificate for food production and a lot of our growers also hold Leaf- Marque and Field to Fork certifications. These schemes are recognised as the highest in UK quality standards. 








2018 Vining Peas being Drilled
Vining Peas Filling Pods
Pea Sampling Before Harvest
Deciding a Game Plan
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